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Flex Heater

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What is Flex Heater?
Flex Heater is straight or pre-formed electrical heating elements with a metallic sheath. They have a round or square or rectangular cross section and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The heater generates an electric current flowing into the coil, which transfers the electric energy into heat energy. It may be directly immersed in the medium to heat it or radiate heat through an open space.

Coil Heater can come in many different variations which include the ability to customize the size, shape, and thickness along with adding components which can improve the performance of any application. Tubular Heater elements are often used for the purpose of industrial heating, due to their great versatility and affordability. They are primarily used for heating solids, liquids and gases through the methods of conduction, convection or radiation heating.

Temperature Thermocouple, also known as a "thermoelectrical thermometer", is an electrical device consisting of two dissimilar electrical conductors forming an electrical junction, that generate a voltage that changes over temperature. Thermocouples are widely used as temperature sensors. A Temperature Controller can device that is used to control a heater or other equipment by comparing a sensor signal with a set point and performing calculations according to the deviation between those values.

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